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Cow parsley fun at Stratford Court

October Update from Jessie

Hello all

It was quite exciting to see the next round of planting beginning, with some herbs, an eleagnus tree, strawberries and other soft fruit planted through the mulch, and groups of daffodils on the edges of the site. We also continued cutting back some nettles and mulching with cardboard and woodchips at the far end of the plot. And we found a frog, blew down the hollow stems of old cow parsley, swung on the swing and ate a whole bag of grapes.

Many thanks to everyone who donated and delivered plants, bulbs, woodchips, cardboard, tools and time and enthusiasm.

We still have loads more bulbs to plant, hopefully some more plants on the way, and a bit more clearing and mulching to do, so we thought we’d aim to have an extra work party on Thursday 29th October, which is half term. Come and play!



New Edible Stroud monthly work party

gardening photo

help us make a lovely edible area!

You (yes, you!) are invited to join us for a brand new monthly working and playing session down at Stratford Court, as we create and tend a beautiful edible landscape in the corner of the playing fields.

Barring extreme weather or other natural disasters, we’ll be down at Stratford Court every third Thursday 10am till 12 noon. There’s always something fun to do! Come along for as much or as little as you want and help to plant, maintain and enjoy this emerging oasis. Eat cake, chat on the grass or hunt for minibeasts in between mulching, weeding, trimming, planting and – in time – harvesting.

Everyone welcome, including children. Stratford Court is just over the road from Stratford Park on the Stratford Road. The next regular sessions will be on November 19th, December 17th and January 15th, but watch out for other ad hoc Edible Stroud happenings too.

Stratford Court Update

Edible Stroud at Stratford Court

Work continues

Despite it being the summer holidays work has continued at Stratford Court mainly thanks to the wonderful Jessie and her children who have soldiered on and spread the huge pile of woodchip.

They have also cut back the pesky brambles and nettles that had broken through the first layer. See the photos for how it looks now.

We are expecting another delivery of woodchip in the next week or so. We plan to use some of this to create paths through the fruit trees that we planted in the spring.

Stroud District Council have also given Edible Stroud an area in Stratford park where we can plant some trees. We will be planning and raising money for this in the next couple of months ready to begin planting in the winter.

Stratford Court Aug 2015 - 2

Woodchip down and a swing up!

Stratford Court Planting

Edible Stroud Update ~ April 2015

A small fruit and nut orchard has been established next to the mulched area, with the help of Stroud Valleys Project. Greengages, plums, cherries, hazelnuts and soft fruit bushes were planted out in their new home on a wet February morning.

In the autumn, bulbs will be planted around the fruit trees. This mini forest garden will grow into a magnet for wildlife and human life, creating food, shade, habitat and beauty.

Along the back of the small fruit and nut orchard and the mulched area a border of dogwood cuttings has been planted. As these become established they will act as a barrier against the invasion of brambles and sycamores into the forest garden area.

Work on mulching the brambled area continues, so let us know if you hear of a source of large sheets of cardboard, woodchip, shreddings or other mulch material.

Once again, thanks to all the volunteers who have helped so far!