Cow parsley fun at Stratford Court

October Update from Jessie

Hello all

It was quite exciting to see the next round of planting beginning, with some herbs, an eleagnus tree, strawberries and other soft fruit planted through the mulch, and groups of daffodils on the edges of the site. We also continued cutting back some nettles and mulching with cardboard and woodchips at the far end of the plot. And we found a frog, blew down the hollow stems of old cow parsley, swung on the swing and ate a whole bag of grapes.

Many thanks to everyone who donated and delivered plants, bulbs, woodchips, cardboard, tools and time and enthusiasm.

We still have loads more bulbs to plant, hopefully some more plants on the way, and a bit more clearing and mulching to do, so we thought we’d aim to have an extra work party on Thursday 29th October, which is half term. Come and play!



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