Stratford Court Plantings

Thank you to all 13 of the lovely people who turned up to help plant bulbs and trees at Stratford Court last Thursday.

We were so efficient and well staffed today it took less than an hour to plant three magnificent trees (a quince, a medlar and a hazel) and dozens of narcissi bulbs, so there was plenty of time to play football, eat apple pies, stick feathers in our hats, ride in wheelbarrows and chat about seed saving, social media and 2016. Hurrah!

Hopefully some photographic evidence to follow soon.

Our next third-Thursday-of-the-month session will be on Thursday 21st January, but there will be two tree planting opportunities before that – on Saturday 9th January on our new plot in Stratford Park (to coincide with wassailing day) and the Thursday or Friday before that at Stratford Court. Look out for more info closer to the time.


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