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Winter 2015 Update

Edible Stroud has an exciting new project on the go this winter.  Working with the support of Stroud District Council, the volunteers of Edible Stroud have been helping to transform a previously neglected corner of Stratford Court playing fields into an emerging Edible landscape.

Stroud District Council manage Stratford Court playing fields for the people of Stroud.  They began the work here, clearing back a large patch of bramble and nettle.  The Edible Stroud team then arrived with armfuls of salvaged cardboard and wheelbarrows-ful of woodchip to cover the entire area with a thick layer of mulch.  This mulch will stay in place for a year to suppress the weeds before planting begins in earnest one year from now.

Meanwhile, a small fruit and nut orchard has been established just next to this heavily mulched patch of ground, with the help of Stroud Valleys Project. Greengages, plums, cherries, hazelnuts and soft fruit bushes were planted out in their new home on a wet February morning.  In the autumn, bulbs will be planted around the fruit trees.  This mini forest garden will gradually grow into a magnet for wildlife and human life, creating food, shade, habitat and beauty.

All of this work has been carried out by volunteers – a big thank you to everyone who helped to make it happen.

We love recruiting new volunteers.  If you would like to get involved with the Edible Stroud project, email: josiecowgill@gmail.com or leave a Reply below